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    Point Shop


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    Point Shop

    Post by Soul King on Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:32 pm

    Shop Of What you can Buy:

    Item To Be Purchased Points Price Description
    2nd Character 80 You can make another Character
    3rd Character 120 You can make another Character
    4th Character 240 You can make another Character
    5th Character 260 You can make another Character
    6th Character 300 You can make another Character
    7th Character and up Free You can make another Character
    Training Room 1200 A room to Train in
    Gravity Machine 1200 A machine that increases gravity making sub tier gaining easier
    Inter-dimensional Gate 4800 A gate to dimensions Such As Soul Society Hell Hueco Mundo and others without a Dimension Barrier
    Inter-dimensional Barrier and Key 4800 A Dimensional Barrier that blocks parts of a dimension from being entered through various portals
    Garganta /Senkimon/Gate Enhancement 18000 Allows Access to other dimensions not previosly accesiable to the user.
    Segunda Etapa Gene reactivation 3600 Reactivates the gene in arrancar to attain Segunda Etapa.
    Zanpakuto Modification 9000 Allows one to undergo surgery to modify there zanpakuto to something more to their liking. Powers are affeccted in this as well.
    Book Of Legendary Items 5000 A book of all legendary Items that cuts down SC amount by half
    Half Race Surgery 2500 for each participant. must have two Player participants atleast. Allows one to attain racial attributes of another race. So A Shinigami could gain Quincy Attributes etc
    Gigai Type 1 5000 Can not use any powers except shunpo/sonido/bringers light heavy loss
    Gigai type 2 1000 Allows partial use of powers. and hasa a signifigant power loss
    Gigai type 3 15000 Allows full use of powers with little power loss.
    Gigai Type 4 20000 Allows Full use of powers and transformations with no signifigant power loss
    Custom Weapon [td]Creation Depends on how powerful the weapon is. highest 100000 lowest 20000 Allows one to make a custom weapon or item
    Zanpakuto Gigai 20000 Allows one to let there zanpakuto manifest. It allows them to walk around with them for help in missions or for their own reasons.
    Regeneration Gene Activation 30000 Allows Arrancar or Vaizard to reactivate there regeneration from when they were hollow in any form.

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