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    Point System


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    Point System

    Post by Soul King on Sat Mar 10, 2012 4:40 pm

    The Points System
    • For every post you will get 5 Points and every thread 10 Points
    • If you are called out to do a mission you will get plenty of Points. The amount can vary from mission to mission. But the base Mission Points is 20 points plus the points you get when you post.
    • You can earn Points by doing errands for others or answering to help wanted.
    • If your evil you can earn more Points by raiding villages, destroying cities and things of that nature. Though, be warned, the Gotei 13 will be after your ass when you do and your wanted level will go up. And Vice Versa if you are good You will get Bonusses for Rescuing People. Defeating a Villain And saving towns and worlds.
    • Have people donate Points to you
    • Make and Run a Store. Admin Approval is needed to make the store. and through that store people can buy and sell Items.

    There are many, many ways to make Points other then this, but this should give you a general clue to how it works.

    We will always monitor EVERY transaction that involves Points so nobody cheats.

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