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    System for Stats with Tiers and Battle


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    System for Stats with Tiers and Battle

    Post by Soul King on Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:27 pm

    1) Ranking

    Everyone gets ranked by their Role-play sample on the application of their character into one of these ranks.

    Rank 1
    Rank 2
    Rank 3
    Rank 4
    Rank 5
    Along with the assigned rank, a level from 0-3 will be assigned (except for 1 which has no levels).
    For a detailed description of each rank, click here.

    2) Categories (aka Stats)

    Each ranking will have a certain amount of "stat points" which are points which can be applied to any one of these categories (aka stats):

    Hankou (Resistance) – The amount of damage the character can withstand. The equivalent of both defense and hit points (HP).
    Reiryoku (Spiritual Energy) – The amount of energy, both spiritual and regular, a character has. The equivalent of mana, ability points, stamina, and magic points (MP).
    Hakudo (Physical Combat) - Control and coordination of one’s body. The equivalent of physical attack strength, hand-to-hand combat skill, agility, awareness, and leg strength (ATK).
    Seijuu (Energy Control) – Control over special energy formation, manipulation, usage, strength, and execution. The equivalent of Kido, Cero, spiritual attacks, spiritual attack strength, spiritual attack control (mATK).
    Bukijuu (Weapon Control) – Weapon control, skill, and dexterity. The equivalent of accuracy, weapon mastery, and weapon skill.
    Hoho (Speed) – Speed of the character, both movement and attack speed. The equivalents of movement speed and attack speed (SPD).
    Example: Gregory the shinigami runs at a hollow so slowly the hollow sits waiting for him. Gregory deftly slashes the hollow but he barely hurts it. Gregory shoots a great getsuga tenshou at the hollow. The hollow easily dodges and throws a slab of concrete at Gregory which Gregory noticed too late. Gregory was effectively crushed by the concrete slab.
    Hankou (Resistance) – Gregory could not withstand the slab of concrete because his hankou was lower than the Hakudo of the hollow.
    Reiryoku (Spiritual Energy) – Gregory needed some reiryoku to power him as he used the getsuga tenshou and as he moved about.
    Hakudo (Physical Combat) – Gregory did not really hurt the hollow with his slash nor could he dodge the slab of concrete because of his low hakudo.
    Seijuu (Energy Control) – Gregory could be in shikai and form/shoot the getsuga tenshou because of a high Seijuu.
    Bukijuu (Weapon Control) – Gregory was able to deftly slash the evasive hollow because he had high Bukijuu.
    Hoho (Speed) – Gregory came at the hollow slowly and the hollow easily dodged the getsuga tenshou, not necessarily because of Gregory’s low hoho, but because Gregory’s hoho was low in comparison to the hollow.

    Note: Some have distributed their points ignoring the connotations of having one of these stats low. Please understand that if, during a fight, you claim your character can act better than their stats say, your opponent or a moderator will point it out and you'll have to redo your post. Do NOT underestimate the severity of these categories.

    3) Stat Points


    Rank-Level Points Max Stats #of Max Stats
    5-0 120 25 4
    5-1 105 24 3
    5-2 95 23 2
    5-3 85 20 1
    4-0 80 16 4
    4-1 75 16 3
    4-2 70 16 2
    4-3 65 16 1
    3-0 60 12 4
    3-1 55 12 3
    3-2 50 12 2
    3-3 45 12 1
    2-0 40 8 4
    2-1 35 8 3
    2-2 30 8 2
    2-3 25 8 1
    1 15 4 3

    Example of what to put on a profile:

    Rank/level - 2-2
    Hankou - 8
    Reiryoku - 8
    Hakudo - 4
    Seijuu - 6
    Bukijuu - 3
    Hoho - 3
    Points awarded: 2 (link to first point) (link to second point)
    Total points: 32

    4) Extra Relevant Information
    For those of you playing visored characters: as you know, visored masks, when activated, increase the attributes of a character. Regarding stats, it is different. When using a mask, you will recieve 3 extra points to add to any of your stats. This is ONLY for the duration of the mask. While this is in effect, you must add your stats (with the increases) on the end of each RP post you make with that character.

    And no, you cannot increase the points you recieve through hollowfication; it will always be only 3. Use them wisely. Also, it must be set. Once you choose where to employ the extra points, you cannot change it. The placements must be the same every time your character hollowfies.

    These added stat points can only increase ONE category two (2) stat points past its maximum.

    Also, Masks (since they now are substantial help) have time limits (measured in posts) as follows:

    5- 12 (recovery- 12)
    4- 10 (recovery- 10)
    3- 8 (recovery- 8 )
    2- 6 (recovery- 6)
    1- 4 (recovery- 4)

    Once a mask has run out of turns, it disappears and weakens the user. The user will lose their 3 added stat points, plus one point from each stat temporarily after the mask breaks.

    Q: What if you have left over points?
    A: You don't. Add everything again and apply all your points.

    Q: How many points do I get when I go into Shikai/Bankai, Ressureccion, etc.?
    A: None. Unless it is related to an eventwhich then it will be allowed within the events parameters. So say on a mission you gained an armor that upped your speed. Then you would gain a small boost that you would lose upon removing it or the thread ending.

    Q: How do I rank or level up?
    A: Achieve the amount of points listed for the next rank/level.

    Q: Won't we eventually have tons of Master ranks roaming about?
    A: No.

    Q: I my best character is an 4-2. Can I automatically get an 4-3? 2-1?
    A: For the 4-3, it depends on the character. The Mod grading the character will inform you. The 2-1 can have the rank, but that does not mean the character is automatically approved. It just means you are not required to make another RP sample.

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