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    Tier System


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    Tier System

    Post by Soul King on Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:25 pm

    Rank 1:This is the lowest one can go. It embodies the barely spiritually aware to those without that ability. A normal human is the best example.
    Rank 2: This rank reflects those between the levels of an unseated Shinigami all the way up to third seat. This would normally reflect the level of an non-menos Hollow.
    2-0 The user is spiritually aware. They are just learning the difference between the living and the dead.
    2-1: Base level. The user is spiritually aware. Strength is increasing rapidly. Covers the spiritual levels between a Shinigami in training up to 15th seat.

    2-2: By this level, the user would have gained their initial release / fullbring etc. Covers spiritual levels between 14th-7th seat.

    2-3: At this level, the user would be able to use their abilities at a basic level. There is plenty of room for improvement, but the general 'idea' of the users abilities is apparent. Covers spiritual levels between 6th-4th seat, or strong Hollow.
    Rank 3: Known as the Lieutenant level, this level covers the spiritual levels of third seats up to what would be considered an advanced Lieutenant.
    3-0 At this level The user is is learning how to use their initial release. They aren’t masters but they aren’t new to the subject.
    3-1: At this level, the user will have begun to master their initial release (If Shinigami), or be manipulating their abilities at a whole new level. This level covers Shinigami third seats, and weaker Menos Hollow. At this level one can become a Vaizard though they will be uncontrolled.

    3-2: At this level, the user would be near to mastering, or perhaps even mastered their initial release / mastering their basic abilities. These would be your average Lieutenants of the Gotei 13, or an average Menos / Fraccion level Arrancar. (Omaeda)

    3-3: At this level, the initial release will have been mastered, as well as the basic abilities. Shinigami will likely be training for Bankai at this level. Humans would have mastered their Fullbring and be working on reaching a new level of power. Quincy will have mastered their Sanrei Glove. Strong Fraccion are covered here, as well as Espada #9-8. The advanced Lieutenant level. (Hisagi)

    Rank 4: The Captain level. This rank covers the spiritual levels between the strongest of Lieutenants, to seasoned Captains.
    4-0: At this level the user is on the verge of achieving bankai.
    4-1: At this level, Bankai will have been gained. All releases will have been obtained by each race. Final releases are still quite draining, and still not mastered. Covers truly powerful Lieutenants or newly appointed Captains. Espada #7-6 fit into this category. (Renji)

    4-2: What most consider the Captain level. At this level, Final releases aren't as draining and are approaching mastery. Covers average Captains. Espada #5-3. (Toshiro at the lower end of this level, Byakuya at the higher)

    4-3: These are the stronger Captains of the Gotei 13. Espada #2. Final releases have been mastered. Their battle prowess cannot be matched by nearly any opponent they come across. (Shunsui) points

    Rank 5: The strongest of the races are placed here. The Captain Commander, for example. These are the pinnacle.
    5-0:Espada one would be here.

    5-1: Espada #0 would belong here. (Ichigo, Yammy, Urahara)

    5-2: Captain Commander would be here. (Aizen, Yamamoto)

    5-3: The roof. This level can only be obtained by a temporary release that costs the user their power. (Quincy Final Form from a 4-2 for example). Final Getsuga Tenshou level.

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