A New Day To Fight

Hello And Welcome to Bleach: The Forcoming Of A New Era. We hope you enjoy yourself.
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    Post by Soul King on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:02 pm

    2,000 Years after the defeat of Sosuke Aizen...

    A New Era Has Begun!

    New realms have begun to appear and with them they bring new races such as the Kitsune race who seems to have already intermingled with many of the other races and spiritual entities. It seems as if they are untied under any circumstance as they seemed to be lead by the Kitsune King, Alex "Spotlight' Corde, who is half Arrancar and Kitsune. Although his intentions are not yet clear it seems he has as him self with the help of the Arrancar waged war with the Shinigami, gaining help from the proclaimed leader of Los Noches, Shaco, who is also known as "Jester" The Head Captain, Kazunori Izubunchi, and his Lieutenant, Blaze Congrim try there best to keep the two from causing total destruction to the Seireitei. There intentions are still not yet clear, what exactly they hope to gain from this little battle is unknown. As new problems start to arise the soul king's realm starts to awake. An Elite group within the Zero division known as, Ō burakkugādo has begun to make there presence known, all that is known of the Elite group is that they are exceptionally strong members within the Zero Divison who are the last line of defense and are only called upon on special occasions, they are lead by, Kanaryu Oshiro and he is as of now the only member of this elite group who has shown him self. Mean while in the Human world the local governments have begun to take notice of the spiritual activity around the world and have now formed a group know as T.S.D.O (The Spiritual Detection Agency) There leader has not yet made him or her self known.
    -Become part of any race from the Manga/Anime
    -Take part in creating a custom race or use one of the preexisting ones.
    -Help Develop Plot by taking part in Player Run Events
    -Join an orginization and plot to fight against the other orginizations.
    -Make your own techniques and become the best of the best.



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