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    Rules And Regulations


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    Rules And Regulations

    Post by Soul King on Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:12 pm

    These rules are guidelines, special situations may alter them in the future, monitor new announcements, some may pertain to newly added rules.

    If you’ve participated in an RP before, most of this you already know, if that being the case there are still a few you may want to read.

    1. Shinigami can travel freely anywhere but the Hollow Realm, this may change due to circumstances. Or if an ability allows them the right of free travel.

    2. There may only be 13 Captains and Lieutenants. Added officers to a Squad may depend on if they can successfully complete a Squad's entrance exam (Exams may differ with each Squad). This does not include Squad 0 as their structure is completely Different.

    3. You can't Rp a fight till your app is approved. You can Rp Casually though.

    4. NO SPAMMING, there is a spam area on the site be sure to keep it there.

    5. Marriages are allowed, but keep any "private" sequences just that, PRIVATE. Until The Mature Board Is Voted on and then if it passes it must be put in there.

    6. Limits and weaknesses must be put into profiles. However, Opponent may in no way use information outside of RP to their advantage.

    7. New users! Only one main character per person, this does not include NPC’s. After you gain a certain amount of points you can buy a new character. There is no limit to the amount of characters you can use. But each character must have a new Account.

    8. Quincy/humans/Custom Races can travel anywhere on earth. This is unless they have abilities that allow them to travel to other dimensions. An Example would be the Dios Máscaras or the Kitsune Races.
    9. Members who are too late to get the positions they want should start from the bottom of the race they want. (e.g Shinigami in training, Quincy in training, and numeros or normal hollows etc.)

    10. If you don't know what to do, ASK QUESTIONS!

    11. Auto-hitting is not allowed. For those that don't know what auto-hitting is, it is when you post your character executing an attack against another member and saying that the attack hits.(For example monkey jumps on crocodile and crushes its skull. Where instead it should be, monkey jumps on crocodile attempting to crush its skull.) Auto-hitting is ONLY allowed to be used on Non Playable Characters.(NPC)

    12.Common sense should be used when setting up a character's profile (history, personality, magic using ability etc.) For instance, If your character has been setup as a fist-to-fist fighter with no magic ability stated then they shouldn't be able to use magic all of a sudden. If a character's personality has been set as a stone cold person then they shouldn't be a happy go lucky person all of a sudden. All of these things shouldn't just happen all of a sudden but it should happen in phases. So PLEASE put thought into your character's profile before you start posting and when you post, try stay in character.

    13. The site is also based on the 'growth' of your character, so it's a good chance that they will change in phases. (For example, if you have a character who hates two guys but then fights along side them, talks and maybe even parties with them, then eventually they will become some-what friends, like Renji & Ichigo or Zaraki & Ichigo.) This also can add to your character's bio (history, magic learned, certain character's revealed 1st and/or 2nd releases etc) and make your role playing talent and experience increase.

    14. When role playing, and releasing a Shikai, Bankai, or any other power or technique (move) that your character may possess, PLEASE say the name of the release/power/technique/ability in English and Japanese (if able) and PLEASE PLEASE describe the used power/ability/release or technique. It is one of the foundations of Bleach! (For example, Ichigo's Zangetsu's Shikai ability consumes his own spiritual energy, his Getsuga Tenshou (Blue Moon Fang) is used from that ability and he sends the energy in a blade form. His Bankai is different and his ability in that form dramatically increases his speed and also has the Shikai effect, and also uses the black version of Getsuga Tenshou (more powerful). He said these things to certain opponents early in the series.

    15. This relates to rule 11, "Autohitting" You may make another post with the attack succeeding after three Days if your opponent has not responded. This does not mean that you can that you dismembered or killed the person. And the only way this can be reversed is if your opponent has a valid excuse for why they couldn’t post.

    16. Portal Abilities are allowed but they cannot be used during battle. Because the amount of focus needed to create them is high or they open too slowly. If your ability states otherwise then it will be denied unless it is small portals used for combat. Then they must be dismissed before trying to escape.

    17.All Illusion based abilities must be able to be broken the same way a genjutsu can in Naruto. One must either be woken up with someone pushing their reiatsu inside. They realize they are in it and burst through by unleashing their own reiatsu. Or by inflicting pain on themselves. That Being said there is a scale on how each tier affects the other in this. But seriously use common sense.if you’re a bottom tier 5 facing a tier 1 or tier 2 your pretty much fucked unless you have help.
    18. Banned Powers: Complete Space Time Manipulation, Complete Illusions, Complete Gravity Manipulation without limits.
    19: Gravity Manipulation Rules:
    Must have an area of effect.
    Must make contact with the body of the affected person.
    Must be dodge able
    Must have a base of where the power comes from within the target.
    Should that base hit an inanimate object the radius it affects must be described.
    More Rules will be added as i think of some.

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